Dark to light, folk to punk
- Bugbear

Eclectic London-based folk group with elements of post-punk sounds and complex compositions
- Evening Standard

Avante-garde. Experimental. Whatever it is, Jeeps' take on Alt-Rock is ingenious
- The Revue

Bringing together two genres rich in culture, Jeeps shows us how the blending of genres can produce a product unique in style and lyric
- Livamp

An eerie, ethereal, folk-infused sound created with dreamily evocative harmonies - first reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel - soon evoked psychedelic punk
- Your Universe (UEL)

Minimalistically epic, expertly performed
- Hayes FM

They are the fence to scratch an irritated hide against and the branch that wears against its kin, perhaps the self harm of Nature itself..
- Art of Jazz

Quirky Londonian Pavement-shaped indie-pop outfit
- The Skinny

With roots in Berlin & Stockholm, Jeeps unique sound combines traditional folk song writing with post-punk energy, adorned with polished, complex harmonies & ethereal dream pop elements
- The Elgin, Notting Hill

Recorder-infused psychedelic grunge with hints of Wire and Brian Eno
- Cheap Thrills

Dream-like folk band JEEPS fronted by former TheBed founder Glen Strachan evoke the more psychedelic English progressive folk-rock movement
- TSJC Records

Jeeps employ powerful harmonies and inspiring lyrics, with a unique ethereal sound that will stay with you
- Spice of Life Promotions

Label - Straw Port Records / E-mail - jeepsband@gmail.com